Some routine service actions such as changing the engine oil may seem obvious and important, although others such as changing the gearbox oil from its Jaguar XE may seem less automatic. However, produce no mistake, changing the gearbox is just as necessary as changing the engine oil. This content page will explain the role of the gearbox oil, then, why it is vital to replace the gearbox of your Jaguar XE, and at last, how to replace the gearbox oil of a Jaguar XE .


Purpose of gearbox oil on a Jaguar XE

So we begin our content page with the role of gearbox oil on a Jaguar XE. The objective of this short introduction is to produce you understand the interest of this fluid which guarantees the good working of your car. The gearbox of your car has the objective to demultiply the power transmitted by the engine and send it back to your wheels . It is made up of pinions and gears that will allow the wheels to rotate at different speeds depending on the curves and the gear engaged. It will operate with the help of an axle and a differential. All these auto parts will need to be highly lubricate to objective properly, limit friction and tolerate the high temperatures built by the engine and friction. Your transmission oil has a high viscosity and will prevent the formation of filings or gear breakage, so it is necessary to the proper working of the gearbox.

Why replacing the gearbox oil from a Jaguar XE?

Now we’ll find out what’s the point of draining the gearbox oil of your Jaguar XE?

Benefit of gearbox oil changing Jaguar XE

There are some interests to replace the gearbox of your car repeatedly, we will list them and detail them below:

  • After a while, the oil will lose its viscosity caused by friction and temperature rise, which will lead to less lubrication of the gears and pinions and therefore risk to break some of them.
  • Same as viscosity, time and temperature rise will reduce the oil resistance to the engine temperature, So it will fluidize much more easily when the engine heats up, which is not good for your gearbox.
  • Accumulation of metallic residues: Finally, even if you always have a quality oil, a gearbox is an element that wears out and generates iron filings with friction, the oil will pick them up and if it builds up too much these residues can get into gears and break them.

When to do the gearbox oil replace on a Jaguar XE?

If you want to do an automatic or manual gearbox oil change on Jaguar XE or strong> the procedure is not the same, nevertheless, dealers do not give mileage suggestions to replace the oil in your gearbox, on the other hand when you do an intervention on the gearbox it is advisable to replace it, otherwise here are the factors to produce you think about doing this oil replace.

Oil replace for manual gearbox Jaguar XE

  • Gears are jumping: you are most likely missing oil and you may have a gearbox oil leak, please find out our content on gearbox leaks on Jaguar XE for more info.
  • The gearbox cracks when you switch gears: The oil has undoubtedly lost viscosity and is too fluid, so the gears get stuck.
  • Difficulty to shift gears: Same problem as just before, the oil is obviously too fluid.

Automatic gearbox oil replace

  • A slow begin from the neutral position to the first one: generally a viscosity problem.
  • Difficulty or even impossibility to shift gears: Lack of oil


How to replace gearbox oil of a Jaguar XE?

At last, to finish this content, we will explain you how to empty the gearbox oil of your Jaguar XE , it’s less difficult than you might think, here are the few guidelines to stick to to do it properly:

  • Heat your Jaguar XE for about 10 minutes to get a fluid oil, place it flat on 4 stands.
  • Install a drain pan under the drain plug, open it, and clean it well because it will most likely gather filings.
  • Let all the oil run out until it’s all gone.
  • Replace and tighten the cap, then fill with a syringe through the filler cap with the manufacturer’s suggested dose

If perhaps you have any additional questions about the Jaguar XE, do not hesitate to consult our Jaguar XE category.