Most recent cars need more and more maintenance, nevertheless, there are some more or less fundamental ones. In this article content, we will focus on a maintenance action that is vital to guarantee your security at the steering wheel of your car. In reality, we are going to demonstrate to you how to replace the brake pads of your car in a Kia Soul? To do so , in a first step, we are going to find out why it is fundamental to swap the brake pads of your car, in a second section, we are going to find out what is the method to swap the brake pads of your Kia Soul, and to conclude, what is the price of this component.


Why changing the brake pads from my Kia Soul?

Before we find out how to replace the brake pads of your car, we will commence our content page by detailing you what the job of the brake pads is, and when they should be replaced.

Purpose of the brake pads on Kia Soul

The brake pads on an automobile have a essential function in the proper handling of your Kia Soul. In reality, they are the ones that will guarantee braking capability. They are a sort of pairs of metal pads that will pinch the brake discs when you press the brake pedal to slow down and stop your Kia Soul. These auto parts are consumables and consist of a lining that will wear with time and use, hence the interest of replacing them occasionally to keep optimal braking.

When to replace the brake pads of your Kia Soul?

And now we will explain to you how to know if you need to replace the brake pads of your Kia Soul. Remember that dependant on the employ you have of your car (city or highway for example), the wear of your brake pads will not be the same at all. In reality, if you use your brakes frequently, their lifetime will inevitably be lowered. We consider that, in most cases, the brake pads of a automobile have a longevity of about 10,000 to 30,000 kilometres. Nevertheless, there are specific signs that should alert you to the wear of your car’s brake pads:

  • A squeaking sound.
  • Much longer braking distance.
  • Brake pedal vibration: If this is your case, but your brake pads are in good condition, check our content page on brake vibration on Kia Soul, to locate the source of your trouble.
  • A brake pedal that’s too hard or too soft…

If you have any of these signals, do not hesitate to check the state of your brake pads yourself, either by taking out the front wheels and verifying their state, or by going directly to a garage area.

How to replace the brake pads of my Kia Soul?

We will now go forward to the section you are most excited about, how to swap the brake pads from your Kia Soul?. Down below we will explain the steps to follow to replace the brake pads of your car accurately:

  • Buy brake pads designed to your Kia Soul, to perform this use your car registration to be sure of compatibility with your automobile when ordering on a specialized website or in a shop.
  • Put your car on stands (being cautious to lock the handbrake and engage a gear and unlock the bolts of the wheels you want to act on before you lift the car).
  • Take off the wheels in question.
  • Before taking out the clamp from your calipers, think about using a flat screwdriver to lever between the pad and the disc to entirely push the piston of your calipers, otherwise you will not be able to put the new brake pads.
  • In most cases, thanks to a big Torx tip, you’ll have 2 screws to remove to be able to swap the brake pads of your car and thus be able to take out the brake calipers from it.
  • Once you take out the clamp from your calipers, you will be able to serenely take out the two old pads and replace them with the brand-new brake pads.
  • Ensure they are in the correct placement before you re-install the brake calipers on your Kia Soul.
  • Remember to end locking your wheels on the ground, otherwise your transmission will be damaged.
  • To finish, take into account that brake pads need a running-in period of 500 to 1000km, so you will have to drive very gently the first 100km and be careful until you reach 500km.

That’s it, now you know how to swap the brake pads on your car.

What is the price of brake pads for an Kia Soul?

At last, last section of our content page on the process to swap the brake pads of your Kia Soul. It’s just to give you an idea of the price of the brake pads of your car. Dependant on the finish of your car (sport or not), the pads will be different and therefore the price will also change, nevertheless, generally it will take between 20 and 40 € for a set of 4 brake pads at a specialized online site like Oscaro, you can find here their entire offer of brake pads for your car. The advantages of this type of site is the choice, the price and the after-sales service you get. Finally, if you go to a workshop or specialized shops you should be able to get the set of pads between 30 and 60€.

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