Being the owner of a modern Jaguar F Pace gives us specific features, the fact is, recent cars give access to an more and more remarkable number of features. They will allow you to gain in comfort, multimedia or safety. In this article we are gonna check out an option that is designed to make you feel safe in your vehicle, the automatic closing of the doors. This option might be deactivated without a reason, so we’re going to see how to activate auto locking on your Jaguar F Pace. To get this done, we will initially look at the functioning of this feature and how it works, then, in a second part, how to reactivate the automatic closing of the doors of your car.


What is the automatic locking or closing on a Jaguar F Pace?

Before we reveal you how to activate the automatic lock of your Jaguar F Pace, we will check out the usefulness of this function. In truth, the number of carjacking is frequently raising, and our Jaguar F Pace is a location where we usually feel safe. However, when stopping at a red light, at a stop sign or in traffic jams, one can feel vulnerable to aggression, it is with this in mind that the brands have introduced this feature. Usually there is a door lock button that enables you to close and open the doors from the cabin, but this feature automatically locks the doors of your vehicle when you go over a certain speed or a certain time after turning on the engine. The benefit is that you no longer have to be concerned about this action to guarantee optimal safety.

How do I activate the automatic closing of the doors on my Jaguar F Pace?

Sadly, it can happen that due to factory defaults, electronic failures, bad handling, this option can be shut off, we will now see the two methods to enable you to activate the automatic lock on your Jaguar F Pace.

  • How to activate the automatic locking / closing of the doors on a vehicle: The lock button
    The easiest approach if you are in the event that your automatic door closure no longer be effective, is to turn on the ignition (on some series you will as well need to have the engine running) and soon come and hold down the door lock button on your car for a few seconds until you hear an audible signal and, according to the year of your Jaguar F Pace, the turn indicators that are activated. This approach should be enough most of the time to activate the automatic door lock on your Jaguar F Pace.
  • How to activate the automatic door lock on my Jaguar F Pace: Via the computer
    Finally, a more technical approach but which can be connected to a factory defect or a power failure on your car. To reactivate the automatic door lock on your Jaguar F Pace, you will be able to go through your diagnostic socket. You will need to have a diagnostic tool and navigate through the menus to change the linked option in the “sash menu”. However, this is only appropriate for people with some mechanics knowledges and we suggest that you visit your specialist to do this.

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