You have just bought a new mobile, a new automobile, or you have just replaced car radio, each of these causes can be a good reason to learn to connect your telephone to your car by Bluetooth. To accomplish this, you are wondering how to activate Bluetooth on Acura TL, know that you are in the right place. Our staff has written this article to help you to perform this task and allow you to call in the car or connect your Android or Apple phone to it. To accomplish this, firstly, we will take a look at the interest that your Bluetooth car radio can bring you, then how to activate Bluetooth on Acura TL and finally, how to activate Bluetooth hands-free kit on Acura TL.


Bluetooth car radio on Acura TL: How does it function?

Bluetooth technology: What is it?

To begin this article, we will concentrate on bluetooth technology, and more specifically on its origin and how bluetooth functions on Acura TL. Bluetooth technology was created in 1994 by the Ericsson mobile phone brand and in 1999, an interest group bringing together several technology firms was made and Bluetooth technology was integrated into the first products. Its objective is to replace the infrared technology that could already transmit information wirelessly between two products but should be close and not have an obstacle between the transmitter and receiver of information. Unlike infrared (IrDA) which used light waves, bluetooth uses 2.4 Ghz radio waves, which permits it to pass through objects. In most cases, the transmission power will allow info to be transferred over a distance of about ten metres. As for the bluetooth operation on Acura TL, it will allow you to pair your mobile phone to your vehicle’s car radio and benefit from the basic features of your automobile hands-free kit. This is a heavy benefit, simply because since few years, the use of Bluetooth headsets has been banned in cars.

Bluetooth specifications on Acura TL

Let’s take a closer look at the features of Bluetooth on Acura TL. Bluetooth, as we have seen just before, has the basic role of transmitting data between two devices. However, its benefits are quite limited. Actually, we will mainly use Bluetooth on vehicles to:

  • Make hands-free phone calls with the sound on the speakers of your Acura TL.
  • Transfer your music by bluetooth and listen to it on the speakers of your Acura TL.
  • Access your phone’s contacts from the car radio of your Acura TL
  • Manage your mobile phone by voice (example: Call someone or change music)

All these features are close to what you could now get with a USB connection from your mobile phone to your Acura TL, however, not all Acura TL versions are fitted with a USB port, and Bluetooth technology is becoming the norm. It permits you to avoid having to hook up your mobile phone to your Acura TL to take benefit of these functions.

How to activate Bluetooth on Acura TL

Now let’s look at the part that is likely most beneficial to you. How to activate Bluetooth on Acura TL? It’s great to know that your automobile provides this technology, but how to do concretely if you want to phone in Bluetooth with your Acura TL? The technique is quite basic and we will teach you in a few steps how to activate your Bluetooth and how to connect your phone to your Acura TL:

  • Go to your mobile phone options, then, in the “network” tab select Bluetooth and look for devices with which to pair.
  • Once the search is completed, launch the connection with your vehicle, there should be a code in the name of the Bluetooth “Acura TL”, a code should appear on the screen of your vehicle, it is up to you to verify that it is the same on the mobile phone and validate the connection with the radio of your Acura TL

Second alternative, you can also conduct the manipulation directly through your car’s car radio:

    • Go to your car radio options, “connection” tab
    • Select the option “search for a device”
    • Select your mobile phone from the list, taking care to switch on the Bluetooth connection on it before handling
    • To complete the connection, all you have to do is validate that the two codes displayed on your two devices are the same.

Now you know how to activate Bluetooth on Acura TL. All you have to do now is to take advantage of all the features that this technology will allow you to do, such as making a phone call with Bluetooth on Acura TL, or listening to your music with Bluetooth on Acura TL. If you want to connect or activate Android Auto on your Acura TL, we have developed a complete guide that should allow you to do this procedure without any complications.

How to activate Bluetooth hands-free car kit on Acura TL

Finally, last part of our article, how to activate the Bluetooth hands-free kit on Acura TL? This action is only the consequence of the process we have just performed. Once you have executed the previous steps, activating the hands-free kit should be a formality. Actually, your Acura TL’s car radio should be ready to manage calls to your vehicle’s speakers and allow you to use the built-in microphone to speak. Try to simulate a call to examine that it is running, otherwise you will have to go to the Bluetooth options of your Acura TL and switch on the “hands-free call” option. If you have problems with the Bluetooth of your Acura TL, do not hesitate to consult this article which will help you to resolve them.

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