Whether it’s raining, foggy or snowing, in most cases, we kind of enjoy having fog lights on your vehicle. Nevertheless, they can sometimes be out of adjustment or you may consider that they are adjust too high or too low. That’s for what reason we composed this short post to explain to you how to adjust the fog lights on your Opel Meriva?. To make this happen, first, we will discover what is the meaning of adjusting the fog lights of his automobile, then, in an additional step, how to adjust the fog lights of your Opel Meriva.


Why is it essential to adjust the front fog lights of your Opel Meriva?

So we will commence our short post with the point of setting the fog lights to Opel Meriva. Nevertheless some fog lights are not set and are set at the factory, you have the possibility to change their setting so that they illuminate more or less high. This equipment, which is not mandatory on an Opel Meriva, enables you to greatly increase your visibility. However, it is only allowed outside built-up spaces in addition to the high beam, or in heavy rain, snow or fog.
Having an optimal setting of the fog lights of its Opel Meriva allows you not to blind and to increase the gain in visibility that they offer. Additionally, fog lights that are not correctly adjusted will undoubtedly disturb the car owners you cross and may increase the risk of an accident. It is therefore essential, both for you and other users, that you have your fog lights perfectly adjusted.

How to adjust the fog lights of your Opel Meriva?

Now let’s go forward to the part you’re almost certainly most interested in in this short post, namely how to adjust the fog lights on your Opel Meriva? Now that you have understood the interest of this adjustment, which may seem insignificant, let’s move on to the practical part.
Adjusting the fog lights is extremely simple, here are a few simple steps to follow to do it optimally:

  • Empty your automobile, verify the pressure of your tires and, place only one person (about 70kg) in the driver’s seat which will simulate an empty weight of your Opel Meriva.
  • Place your automobile on a flat surface with a clean wall in front of you, preferably between 5 and 10 meters from it.
  • Measure the height from the ground to the top of your fog lamp (on your Opel Meriva), write this distance on the wall in front of your car and mark it with a construction tape for example.
  • Turn on the fog lights on your Opel Meriva and verify that the beam of the lights is less than or equal to the mark you just marked on the wall.
  • If they light higher than this trace, through the engine compartment you will have to use the adjustment screws to lower the lighting of your fog lights (these screws are generally located above your fog lights, you should find them quickly, they will be more or less accessible according to the year and the options of your Opel Meriva)

Now you know how to adjust the fog lights on your Opel Meriva, don’t forget to check it from time to time if you have the impression that it has moved, don’t think twice to consult our short post on how to adjust the low beam lights on Opel Meriva if you want to verify their lighting level.

If perhaps you have any additional questions about the Opel Meriva, do not hesitate to consult our Opel Meriva category.