In this article, we will try to help you solve all the problems you may encounter around your car’s rims. And, mainly, how to remove the rim of a car? Whether you want to change a flat wheel, or you want to replace your tires, you will find all the necessary information on this page. To do so, we’ll see first how to remove the tire from a car rim, then, in a second step, how to remove a stuck rim on a vehicle, then, how to remove flat rim from its place to put the spare tire, and, finally, how to unblock the stuck nuts of a rim.


How to remove the tire from the rim from my car?

So we start our article by explaining how to change a car tire. You may have made a good deal by buying your tires on the internet, however it is quite complicated to find mechanics, car centers that will accept to mount tires bought elsewhere than at home on the rims of your car. The question of wanting to mount them by yourself is therefore more than legitimate.

It is technically possible with a lot of force and a crowbar to change the tires of your vehicle yourself, however, even if you manage to take off both sidewalls of the tire, to loosen it, and to put the new tire back on, you won’t be able to balance the tire without the specific machine, and without it your tires will wear out prematurely. Be aware that very often the installation and balancing costs only about twenty euros. If you want to buy tyres on the internet to take advantage of a preferential price, take a good look, a good number of sellers offer the fitting at a partner car centre free of charge.

How to remove a rim stuck to its hub on my car?

We now move on to the part you are certainly most interested in, namely, how to remove the rim of a car stuck to its hub, and more precisely, the rather classic case of a rim that hasn’t been removed for a long time and that because of rust stuck to the hub of your wheel. Indeed, it happens to many motorists to find themselves in this situation and not knowing what to do. This can be particularly annoying if you have a flat tire and need to change the rim on your vehicle. Here are the different solutions available to you:

  • If you have some on hand, after jacking up your car, and if possible on candles, and then removing the rim nuts, use some anti-seize agent which you inject into the holes of the nuts and leave it to work for about ten minutes. After that, try again to remove the rim from your car.
  • Use strength : Although it is rarely the best solution, in this kind of case you are facing solid pieces that do not risk much, and with the help of a mallet and a wooden wedge you can hit the side of the rim of your vehicle and this should unlock it and allow you to remove it.
  • Baste the junction between your rim of rust proof hub and wait a few hours before trying to unblock it again.

How to remove the rim from my car to change its punctured wheel and replace it with the spare wheel?

We are now going to explain you the most classical procedure but that everybody doesn’t know, how to remove the rim from its place if you have a puncture tyre and you want to replace it by the spare wheel? This procedure is not complex, here are the different steps to respect:

  • Stay out of traffic so as not to endanger yourself.
  • Place your vehicle on a flat surface.
  • Put on the parking brake and shift into first gear.
  • If you don’t know where the jack of your caris, don’t hesitate to consult our article to help you to locate it.
  • Before lifting your car, unlock the rim nuts so that you don’t force your transmission once lifted
  • Lift your car with the jack and finish unscrewing the rim nuts of your car.
  • Take the flat rim off your car.
  • Put on the spare wheel, position the nuts, tighten them all by hand, in a balanced way before putting the car back on the road.
  • Finish tightening the nuts with the socket wrench

How do you remove the stuck nuts from the rim from my car?

Finally, it may happen that to remove the rim of your car you have to deal with stuck nuts.In this case, you will have more or less the same solutions for the case of a rim stuck against the wheel hub. The best solution will be to use anti-rust lubricant or anti-rust lubricant and let it work for several tens of minutes before unlocking the nuts. Another possibility, try to find, some exist on batteries of electric shock wrenches they release a much higher torque than your arm plus the socket wrench, and will help you to unlock the nuts.

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