Having a care in good conditions seems to be a very important requirement for almost everyone, as we are all dependent on our automobiles, whether it is to go to your job or for personal reasons. So when we discover something different about our Volkswagen Caddy 3, we logically are likely to ask ourselves questions. If, in your case, it’s your engine that rattles when hot on your Volkswagen Caddy 3, you’ve come to the good website. We understand that this is a repeating issue and so we have decided to publish a dedicated article content to help you deal with it. To do this, first we will look into the problems relevant to hydraulic tappets and valves, then at combustion problems, and to conclude at the engine rattling when hot because of concerns relevant to the lower engine.


Engine rattling when hot on my Volkswagen Caddy 3 because of the hydraulic tappets

If you find out the engine hot rattles on your Volkswagen Caddy 3, and this noise is established at the top of the engine, it denotes that it comes from your cylinder head and its accompanying elements. There are two possible causes of an hot engine rattling on a Volkswagen Caddy 3. Either the hydraulic tappets, ordinarily it is because of their faulty “hydraulic catch-up” system that you will hear these clicking noises, often when hot and not when cold. In any other case, it is the play of your rocker arms or their state of wear that is to blame. In this instance, reflect on swapping them.

The engine of my Volkswagen Caddy 3 is doing some rattling noise when hot because of combustion problem

Second possibility, if you have the feeling that the hot engine rattling is relevant to the combustion of your engine, there are three possible causes of this one. It may be that your timing is out of sync and that it does not manage the synchronization of the different elements of the engine to create good combustion. And finally, the most traditional trigger comes from your injectors, which are either clogged or damaged. Don’t forget to go to your repair shop so that he can examine the component that seems to be the reason of your engine’s hot clicking on your Volkswagen Caddy 3.

Engine of my Volkswagen Caddy 3 rattling cause of problem in the lower part of the engine

At last, if you have recognized the area of origin of your engine that hot rattles on your Volkswagen Caddy 3 that comes from your lower engine, it may be that your connecting rods or piston pins are the origin. In both cases, the risk in the long run is engine breakage. These two repairs are particularly complex and most mechanics will advise you to replace the engine of your Volkswagen Caddy 3. In any case, don’t wait when you identify such a issue, it will allow you to prepare for an upcoming big repair or at best find a more affordable solution, rather than find yourself faced with a failure with the origin of your engine rattling when hot and the end result being your engine giving out on you when you come home from work. Don’t hesitate to have a look at our catalogue of items on your car that can help you get rid of other problems or learn more about your Volkswagen Caddy 3.

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