A new warning light on your dashboard? You don’t figure out why it doesn’t shut off… It’s normal, an automobile is complex and there are multiple factors why a light might come on. In cases where your glow plug light comes on while driving your Peugeot 106, it might show different things. In the following paragraphs, we will do everything we can to help you see things more clearly. First, we will see how the preheating light on your Peugeot 106 functions, and then the different explanations it lights up when you are driving


What is the role of my Peugeot 106 glow plug light?

The main intent of the engine glow plug light, which is in most cases represented by a yellow coil, is to guarantee that your glow plugs are working effectively. In reality, it must light up when you switch on your Peugeot 106 to tell you that they are heating the intake air in your cylinders and must go out after a few minutes when the engine is running. This preheat light is therefore not supposed to stay or come on while driving with your motor vehicle. But, if it comes on while driving, it may indicate different failures, we will try to point out the most important ones.

What to do if the glow plug light comes on while driving on my Peugeot 106?

A glow light that comes on while driving on your Peugeot 106 or at any other time other than when the engine is started is meant to notify you to a problem other than your spark plugs, we will take a look at this now. Whatever the case, connecting your vehicle to the diagnostic tool will allow you to carefully translate the cause for the light up of your glow light.

My Peugeot 106 glow light comes on and I’m suffering from a loss of power

The first possibility is that you perceive that your glow plug light comes on while driving your Peugeot 106 and that you also encounter a loss of power. In this case, different problems can explain its presence. Here is a list of the most important factors:

  • Trouble of EGR valve, in reality, if you undergo a loss of power, it is possible that your EGR valve is clogged, in this case, it is logical that your preheat light comes on while driving on Peugeot 106 because it is one of the issue of which it is meant to notify you. Have the status of your valve inspected
  • Problem associated with the turbo overflow valve, in this situation the ECU can no longer manage the turbo intake pressure, which can result in turbo boost and a disturbance in the performance of the turbo.
  • Problem relevant to the injection, either an injector that has seized up or the injection pump that is broken by filings or other possible foreign bodies that disturb its proper function.
  • Finally, the last issue that could lead to a glow indicator light on your Peugeot 106 coupled with a loss of power, is that your fuel filter is too dirty, you should experience jerks because of a bad fuel flow in the engine.

My glow plug light comes on or is flashing but no difference on the performance of my Peugeot 106

To conclude, we’ll give you the explanations for a glow plug light that comes on on your Peugeot 106 without you feeling any difference in power or motor vehicle behaviour. In most cases, this is an electronic problem:

  • Glow plug relays or fuses to be replaced, test and change if necessary.
  • A contactor/potentiometer on one of your pedals (brake, accelerator or clutch) has failed, often a simple de-seizure will be enough to resolve the issue.
  • You have a false contact somewhere in your electrical circuit, check the other options first because it is not easy to find it alone, we encourage you to go to your auto technician.
  • Faulty injection pressure sensor, ECU error
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