Regardless you have a new or old automobile, the desire to maintain it in good working order is the same. So when a little something does not go right, we all usually behave the same way and get worried about it. And, especially when it comes to the transmission, you can already imagine yourself with a huge bill. If the gear shift of your Kia Optima shakes, you’ve come to the ideal web site, because in this guideline we will try to wipe off your fears and show you firstly why the gear shift of your Kia Optima can vibrate, and secondly, what to do to fix this problem.


Why does the gearshift lever of my Kia Optima shake?

So let’s start this guideline with the roots of a gear shift that shakes on Kia Optima, there are two distinct situations, here they are:

Gear Shift lever on Kia Optima shaking in neutral

First of all, it is possible that your gear shift knob shakes only when you are in neutral, or your clutch pedal is depressed, and when you accelerate this feeling fades away. This is the most basic case. The origin of this problem is quite simple, often it occurs on old vehicles or vehicles that have been driven a lot. The fact is, with time, elements including the suspensions or silent blocks are put under great stress and lose their intent as vibration reducers. In the event that the shift knob vibrates when starting or stopping on your Kia Optima, it is most certainly engine or gearbox silent blocks that are dead. In truth, their job is to reduce and absorb all the couplings and shaking of the engine and gearbox. If these are damaged, these vibrations will have repercussions on other components such as the gear lever of your Kia Optima for example.

Gear Shift lever on Kia Optima which vibrates when accelerating

The second case of a speed lever that shakes a lot on Kia Optima and a little less common. In truth, in most instances, the rise in engine speed should blunt these tremors. If in your scenario when you accelerate this shake does not decrease or worse, you will have to correct it more quickly. Surely, although more difficult to identify, there are different components that may be responsible for the vibrations in the gear shift of your Kia Optima:

  • Worn gearbox bearings, which causes major vibrations
  • An abnormal play in the gimbals.
  • An off-center clutch, or other components out of allignment caused by an intervention on your engine

What if the gearshift lever on my Kia Optima shakes?

Now let’s move on to the section you are probably most keen on, now that you have identified the origin of the gearshift that vibrates on your Kia Optima you’ll have to put things back to normal to get rid of it.

If you are in the case where it only vibrates at idle, it will be cheap to remedy this problem. After examining which silent blocks were generating this vibration, you will have to either change the engine mounts or the gearbox mounts . This process can be done even though you may not you have some tools and some basic mechanical expertise.
To finish , if you are in the case where your gear lever shakes when you accelerate with your Kia Optima, there is only one alternative, which is to go to your mechanic. Surely, waiting is not a good solution because you risk destroying other parts, and, considering a precise and complete diagnosis without help is very complicated. Your technician will be best able to fix your problem accurately.
If after checking or replacing them you still have the feeling that the engine of your Kia Optima is still shaking, do not be reluctant to browse our guideline on this subject to fix your problem.

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