Paying attention to your car is very important nowadays, in actual fact, if you do not do the minimal routine service of it, or if you do not give some thought to signs of abnormality, you highly risk to see your car becoming unpleasant to use. This is specifically the topic we are going to look at on this page, one of the indicators that most interferes with motorists is the fuel indicator light on Subaru Legacy. To try to help you analyze this light, first we will see what this fuel gauge light on Subaru Legacy is meant to, then in a second how to handle it if the fuel light turn on on Subaru Legacy?.


What does the fuel indicator light on Subaru Legacy indicate?

We will first begin our article by discovering the motive for the fuel indicator light on Subaru Legacy. The purpose of this light is to keep you knowledgeable of the fuel level in your tank, and operates thanks to a gauge that when it passes a minimum level (the reserve) leads to the reserve light on your Subaru Legacy. If you want to know how many kilometers you can do with the reserve of your Subaru Legacy do not hesitate to browse our article which gives you this information. The light will turn on when the engine of your car starts, in the event you pass this famous reserve. It has no other particular usage. This system operates thanks to a float system that is based in the tank of your Subaru Legacy.

What to do if the fuel light comes on on Subaru Legacy?

And now we’re going to see how to handle it if the fuel gauge indicator light turns on on your Subaru Legacy. As we explained to you earlier, if the low fuel light turns on on your car it is more than likely that you have no fuel in your tank and your priority should be to go to the gas pump to fill up. Surely, driving commonly on low fuel is not good for your engine, the tanks at the petrol stations are not always very clean and it is possible that the bottom of the tank is loaded with foreign matter. Repeated driving on the fuel tank increases the risk that all these impurities will be sucked up by your petrol pump and enter your engine. It is subsequently vital, furthermore to the risk of fuel failure, not to drive regularly on low fuel with your Subaru Legacy.

Second possibility, the fuel light on your Subaru Legacy lights up when you have a full tank of fuel, in this instance, it is a float or light that is to blame. To resolve this problem, you will need to examine the fuses in the passenger compartment of your Subaru Legacy and if they do not have a particular problem, take your car to a specialist to examine the entire float and fuel gauge system of your Subaru Legacy. For a change of the fuel gauge you should count about 200 euros.

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