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Category: Jaguar XE

Engine light stays on Jaguar XE

Taking care of your vehicle is important nowadays, in fact, if you do not do the minimum maintenance of it, or if you do not take note of signals of abnormality, you clearly risk to see your car becoming unpleasant to use. This...

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Best engine oil for Jaguar XE

We are increasingly more people to want to carry out the routine service of our Jaguar XE by themselves, in actual fact, the labour in mechanics is very costly and the least basic service can quickly surpass 100€. The recent...

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How to start a Jaguar XE ?

Recent cars have an increasing number of functionnalities and although they bring us a lot of convenience, a lot of them are not all the time user friendly. Regardless whether you have rented a car, been lent one, or just bought...

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How to tow Jaguar XE ?

Having a car is handy, only a vehicle means a breakdown… And sadly, we know very well, even the luckiest among us hardly ever fall through the cracks. On the other hand, between a car that doesn’t start in the...

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What fuel for Jaguar XE ?

Whether you’ve just bought a new car, leased one for a trip of any kind, or are just wanting to know, What’s the best fuel for your Jaguar XE? Going to the petrol pump is generally a dilemma for most of us,...

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Brake fluid leak Jaguar XE

Certain elements of your motor vehicle are essential to its proper working, and to go further, essential to your security and that of other users. Your braking system is one of them, and if there’s one thing that must be...

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Wiper stuck on Jaguar XE

We will try again today to help you to solve the small problems associated with your car. We have recently seen how to unblock a fuel door, or a tank cap, today we will look into an annoying issue that can be dangerous in bad...

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