Keeping an eye on your car is necessary in these modern times, in fact, if you do not do the minimum routine service on it, or if you do not consider signals of abnormality, you firmly risk to see your motor vehicle withering away. This is precisely the topic we will be responding to today, one of the indicators that most bother motorists is the brake light on Honda Pilot . It is as well established as the handbrake light because it is the one that is lit when your handbrake is engaged. To try to help you review this light, first we will see what this brake light on Honda Pilot corresponds to, then in a second how to handle it if the wrench light is on Honda Pilot? .


Brake light meaning on Honda Pilot

So we begin our guideline with the meaning of this brake light on Honda Pilot . We will try to explain the different causes that can push the brake light to light up in a first time, and, in a second time, what can push it to blink. Your brake system is one of the most essential security elements, so it is vital to take the necessary measures when the brake light on your Honda Pilot turns on.

What does a brake light on Honda Pilot mean?

Generally speaking, you are used to see the brake light on Honda Pilot when the hand brake of your motor vehicle is engaged, however you should know that it has another action a little less established, to notify you about the level of brake fluid in your motor vehicle . If you detect that it is switched on when your handbrake is not engaged, it likely shows that you are running out of brake fluid in your Honda Pilot . Check the level of your brake fluid in your engine block.

What does it mean when the brake light blinks on Honda Pilot

In the event that the brake light flashes on Honda Pilot , the problems you may come across are not the same. When the handbrake light flashes, the deficiencies you may encounter are associated with ABS and not to your brake fluid. One of the ABS sensors in your Honda Pilot may have failed, causing the brake light on your car’s dashboard to flash. If this happens, your ABS system will not work and you may experience wheel lockup when braking, so be mindful until the problem is resolved. If you as well have the ABS warning light on Honda Pilot, please go through our content dedicated to this issue.

How to switch off the brake light on Honda Pilot?

Finally, in this second part, we will try to give you the solutions if the brake light of your Honda Pilot is on or blinks .

  • In this first circumstance, as we stated in the first part of this content, very often to produce the brake fluid level of your Honda Pilot will be good enough to solve the issue. If your brake light comes on actually quite quickly after leveling, it is most likely that you have a leak in your brake system . In such a case, verify your level on a regular basis and check out your mechanic as quickly as possible so that he can determine the location of the leak and repair the leaking hose. However, if the level of your brake fluid is good and your warning light is still on (even though your handbrake is not engaged), it may mean that your brake fluid sensor is faulty. You can replace this component it is not very complicated, in any other case go to your mechanic to have it replaced.
  • If the light is flashing , as we said, it is on the ABS side that you have to look at. It’s more complicated to do the repair yourself for this issue. Regardless if it is only a sensor in your ABS block, the component is complex and it is best to go to your mechanic. It can cost you a hundred euros if it is only one sensor, as well as several hundred euros or even 1000 euros if you have to replace the whole block.

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