Whether it’s to check your car’s fluid levels, change your oil, add windshield washer fluid, or swap your car battery, it’s vital to keep your engine in good conditions. But, it can appear that the bonnet of your Fiat Scudo doesn’t want to open, in this case, what can you do? This is exactly the problem we will answer in this article and assist you to get out of this frustrating position. To accomplish this, we are going to see what can be the causes of a stuck bonnet on your Fiat Scudo and then what are the solutions to remedy this issue.


Why is my bonnet stuck on my Fiat Scudo? What are the solutions to open my bonnet?

As we explained earlier, we will alternately see the explanations for a bonnet stuck on your Fiat Scudo, and what solutions are available to you to get your bonnet open and repaired.

Broken Fiat Scudo bonnet opening cable

1st case scenario. You may not be able to open the bonnet of your Fiat Scudo as a consequence of the opening cable. Indeed, with wear and tear, or due to a malfunction, the cable that goes from your passenger compartment to your bonnet may fall apart with time or get stuck in the shell that protects it. Despite the fact this is quite unusual on newer cars, it is not impossible that you could be the victim of this issue, especially when there is excessive humidity in the region where you use your Fiat Scudo. If this is the case, there are few solutions available to you and going to your mechanic seems to be the most simple and most practical method. You will have to take off the front grille of your Fiat Scudo to gain access to the lock on your stuck bonnet. Using a large flat screwdriver you will be able to open your car’s bonnet lock by exerting a force on the lock to release it from the spring. Once open, you can try to identify the broken part of the bonnet cable of your Fiat Scudo, take it off from the passenger compartment and engine compartment side and replace it.

How to open the bonnet of my Fiat Scudo, regardless if I have a twisted opening lever?

Second situation which can provoke a bonnet stuck on Fiat Scudo. It is this time at the level of the secondary lever which is used to end the procedure of opening the cover of your car. As time passes, this lever may break or twist, and thus prevent you from completing the opening of your engine compartment. You should still be able to unlock the bonnet from inside your car, but not fully open it. In this situation, a treatment is to use multi-function clamps and in the gap between the bonnet and the grille, grab the rest of the lever or the untwisted section of your lever and pull it with strength. This will open the locked bonnet of your Fiat Scudo. Then if it is twisted, try to straighten it with your pliers. Or replace it with a new one.

Play in the cable to open the stuck bonnet of your Fiat Scudo

Before last cause of a bonnet stuck on Fiat Scudo, you may encounter a cable that is starting to have some play. In fact, the bonnet opening system of your car is equipped with a cable that goes from the passenger compartment of your Fiat Scudo to the opening locker. This cable may become loose with time. To solve this issue permanently, there is only one option, replace the hood opening cable of your Fiat Scudo. However, you will need a one-off solution in order to be able to open the cover of your car, you will have to ask someone to help you. Position the person at the front of your Fiat Scudo who holds the lever down as if they wanted to finish opening the bonnet. And position yourself in the passenger compartment to pull the hood release handle on your car. If this doesn’t work, you can always try to do as in the case of a broken cable with a pair of clamps. Otherwise go to your garage.

Bonnet of my Fiat Scudo stuck

Finally, the last case is when the bonnet gets stuck when the passenger compartment handle is operated. In this case, to unlock the hood of your Fiat Scudo, position someone at the front of your car. And whoever presses moderately on the bonnet of the Fiat Scudo, it will have the consequence of releasing some play so that the lock will be unlocked when you activate the interior handle.

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