While air conditioning in a car is one of the most chosen functionality during the summer, it can also bring some inconveniences. Indeed, the air conditioning in a Subaru Legacy can have a bad smell, and today we’re going to try to enable you understand why. To achieve this, first we will examine the reason of this bad smell of air conditioning, then, in a second time, we will try to give you solutions to make them go away.


Why does the air conditioning of my Subaru Legacy have a smell of humidity?

So we begin our content with the source of the bad smells coming from the air conditioning of your Subaru Legacy. Whether you have the impression that it is a musty smell, humidity, or other, the origin of these smells is often similar. Indeed, air conditioning creates a lot of humidity, which will tend to accumulate in the ventilation system of your Subaru Legacy. This humidity is the ideal source of the growth of bacteria and fungi of all sorts in the air conditioning of your Subaru Legacy. Moreover, it is possible that smoking in your automobile, or not cleaning it on a regular basis (food leftovers for example) will develop increase the odors. Finally, the last traditional explanation for a bad air conditioning smell in your Subaru Legacy is that you have a refrigerant gas leak, called FREON gas, which is toxic and produces a bad smell that will propagate in the passenger compartment of your car.

What can I do to get the bad smell out of my Subaru Legacy?

Now that you know where to look to find the trigger of this smell, we will try to help you to get rid of bad air conditioning odors on your Subaru Legacy, because furthermore to being unpleasant these odors can be harmful to your airways, it is therefore necessary to get rid of them quickly.

Eliminating an unpleasant air-conditioning odor

We will now compose a list of actions you can take to get rid of these air-conditioning odours on your Subaru Legacy:

  • Nevertheless it may seem obvious, the dirt that accumulates in your car will encourage the development of germs and therefore bad odors, cleaning your Subaru Legacy on a regular will allow you to take out many of the sources of these.
  • The best method is to clean the whole air conditioning system of your Subaru Legacy with antibacterial and anti-fungicidal products. To achieve this, please browse our content which explains in detail the process to follow.
  • Replace the cabin or pollen filter of your Subaru Legacy: This filter which aims to stop impurities from entering the cabin of your car must be replaced every year and can store bad smells, make sure you check its condition.

Avoid musty air-conditioning odors on Subaru Legacy

To finish , last part of our content on air conditioning smells on Subaru Legacy, we are now going to give you some tips to preserve your air conditioning system and avoid bad smells in your Subaru Legacy:

  • Switch off the air conditioning 5/10 minutes before turning off the engine: Indeed, constantly perform this step will allow you to dry a maximum of humidity in your ventilation circuit and thus limit the humidity.
  • Although it sounds basic, you don’t always have time to take care of your car, but garbage is the first thing that causes bad odors, so remember to keep your car healthy.
  • To make sure that the air conditioning of your Subaru Legacy is always in good working order (air conditioning compressor especially), it should be run for 10 minutes every month.
  • Ensure that there is no leak on your air conditioning is essential, in actual fact, the liquid is toxic and moreover the operation of your air conditioning would be downgraded in the case of a leak.

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